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ObesityWeek Student Housing  

The Obesity Society, acting on behalf of ObesityWeek, has created this student-housing forum to help you connect with other students looking for shared housing at ObesityWeek 2017, in Washington, DC. You can find information about conference hotels online.

This message board is provided as a service of ObesityWeek to student attendees. By using this service, you agree that ObesityWeek shall have no responsibility or liability for the information posted by you or others on this site. ObesityWeek has created this forum to support you as an individual, however, no member of the ObesityWeek team is responsible or liable for supporting these arrangements.

Please be sure to keep in mind that ObesityWeek is not responsible for supporting your financial arrangements with your selected housing partner, or mitigating any issues that may arise with the room share prior to, on-site or following ObesityWeek.

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